Date: 11/16/20 1:20 pm
From: Adrian Lakin <adrianlakin1...>
Subject: [cobirds] "Classic" Google groups is no more
It looks like Google has finally pulled the plug on the "Classic" Google
Groups, but as far as I can see it hasn't fixed the issues with using it
from a mobile device. I can no longer create a New conversation or Reply to
existing conversations from my Android phone. Also, I can't "Reply to
Author" from the desktop version. It also appears to be the same problems
on iPhones from looking at the frustrations in the link below.

Looks like no more "instant" notifications of rarities on CoBirds.

See the link below for more people's frustrations with this "upgrade"...

Hopefully someone can find a way around this or Google fixes these problems

Adrian Lakin,
Mead, CO

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