Date: 11/16/20 11:57 am
From: Fred and Chris Pratt <pipit...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Really late Empid
I am a bit rusty on western empi's but I think wing-flicking and
tail-wagging was considered helpful in separating Hammond's from Dusky
Flycatcher and other small empi's. Another tail-wagging western empid is
Gray Flycatcher but he is larger, wags tail only.

Fred Pratt

On 11/16/2020 11:25 AM, David Guertin wrote:
> Well, this was a shock. I haven't seen an Empid in over two months,
> and yet here was one this morning in my yard in Cornwall, braving the
> mid-November chill. This was one extremely tardy (and probably cold
> and hungry) flycatcher.
> Here are the notes I submitted to eBird: My first impression was that
> of a stubby, short-tailed flycatcher that suggested Eastern
> Wood-Pewee, but the combination of bold white wing bars and obvious
> eye ring made it clearly an Empid. Constant wing-flicking and tail
> wagging. Gray throat, grayish sides. The prominence of the eye ring
> has me leaning towards Alder over Willow, but this time of year with
> fresh plumage, who knows? I also can't rule out Least, but the
> behavior seemed more Alderish. Found in the wild raspberry patch
> between our yard and the adjacent farm fields.
> I'm trying to recall if I've seen Least Flycatchers do that constant
> nervous wing-flicking thing, but I can't recall, and my field guides
> don't note that for Least.
> Any flycatcher gurus want to weigh in? Whatever it was, it was
> certainly unexpected!
> Dave G.
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