Date: 11/15/20 2:51 pm
From: K Springer <springer0707...>
Subject: A pair of Northern Harriers, etc. - MERCER COUNTY
It was nice to see a pair of Northern Harriers flying together over the
corn fields before entering the Lake Latonka area. The male was so white
underneath... I've never seen one so bright!

Lake Latonka had two Buffleheads, about half a dozen Common Mergansers, a
Pied-billed Grebe, a Hooded Merganser, and several large rafts of Ruddy
Ducks (totalling 72). There were a pair of adult Bald Eagles sitting next
to each other in a tree behind someone's empty, summer McMansion. A
Red-shouldered Hawk screamed at the exit.

Some back roads in Mercer near the Lake Latonka area netted 2 American
Kestrels, a Sharp-shinned Hawk, and 2 Red-tailed and 1 Red-shouldered Hawk.

Continuing at my feeders today were 8 Pine Siskins.

Happy birding,
Kim Springer
Transfer, PA
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