Date: 11/15/20 8:40 am
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Subject: [obol] Re: [EXTERNAL] ebird issue

Just guessing here but you might have the time set to 24 hours. In eBird you have the option to enter time using a 12- or 24-hour daily clock. When the 24-hour option is selected, 2:30 and 4:30 are a.m. the corresponding afternoon times would be 14:30 and 16:30.

Worth checking to see if this addresses your issue.


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [obol] ebird issue

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I just entered two lists with times of 2:30 and 4:30 pm and was warned that I was making a nocturnal list and to do so separately. I ignored it after trying twice to update the time to no avail. Then I edited the list after submission and found the time had been changed by ebird to am so I changed it to pm.

Anyone else having this issue?

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