Date: 11/14/20 4:46 pm
From: Kay Carter <KayCarter001...>
Subject: [obol] Siskins
Frank, Harry, Owen and others: I'll see your few dozen Pine Siskins and raise you at least 150 . . .

On November 4 I watched a flock of very small birds swirl over the small wetland near my house in Canby, then they flew away. I guessed there were about 100 birds and that they were Pine Siskins, but both of those were no more than guesses.

This last Wednesday, the 11th, I found a huge flock of siskins feeding in a tree at the edge of that wetland. At first I guessed there must be 200 birds, but then they flushed and I decided that number could easily be low by 200 or more. They returned to the same tree and flushed several times. Though I was taking a lot of video, I always seemed to have the camera off when they flushed, so I don't have any really good shots of that, but it was quite a spectacle.

The creek that drains the wetland drops under Territorial road at that spot, and there's a small, new beaver dam there. You can hear the water in the video. I eventually noticed that the siskins found the sticks of that dam to be perfect perches for drinking and bathing.

I'm no videographer, but for those interested here's a link to selected clips from that amazing experience:

Kay Carter

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