Date: 11/13/20 11:07 am
From: Richard Hoyer <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender birdernaturalist for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] Re: An interesting Empid at Hatfield Lake on November 10
Hi Bill and All,

I'd rather agree with Maitreya and Paul Sullivan that this is a Western Flycatcher. The lack of green and yellow you'd come to expect could be a combination of age, wear/bleaching, and an artifact of the light and digital rendering of colors. Having said that, first fall Western Flycatcher can look brownish as on the back in this bird, and one photo (ML 279532961) does show a yellowish tinge remaining on the breast that should be absent on most other empids, especially in a worn/bleached state. (I don't think there's anything on this bird that suggests Yellow-bellied or Acadian.) But the bushy-crested look as well bill size and shape (long, deep, and wide-based) seem to fit that "species" best. The almond-shaped eyering is also good for Western, but it's reduced from a typical fresh-plumaged bird and such an eyering can be seen also on Hammond's and Dusky.

Amazing find on such a late date.

Good Birding,

Rich Hoyer
Eugene, Oregon

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> On Nov 12, 2020, at 4:53 PM, bill shelmerdine <georn1...> wrote:
> All,
> While birding Hatfield Lake a couple of days ago I encountered an interesting empid. I have been on the road, just returned home today and downloaded some digi-scoped photos of the bird and entered the trip list into ebird. I have yet to work out the I.D. and would welcome any comments or suggestions. Could lead to some interesting discussion and a chance to learn. Photos and notes can be found here: <>
> Bill Shelmerdine
> Olympia WA

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