Date: 11/13/20 9:31 am
From: Karen <confergoldwing...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] saw-whets at HHOWLS
Last year the Hammond Hill Owl Station banded on 19 nights, caught 37 birds, and had 145 visitor-nights.This year HHOWLS banded on 7 nights, caught 82 birds with one foreign recaptures and one local recapture banded here four years earlier. This year the age of owls was dominated by Hatch Year birds. We had 36 visitor-nights from 8 individuals. With this number we were able to keep appropriate social distancing (We hope.)
Last night (12 Nov) as we arrived for one net check 45 minutes after the preceding check, we had a Barred Owl and 5 Northern Saw-whet Owls in the nets. The Barred Owl was a foot away from one of the saw-whets, most likely its intended meal. When we removed all owls, one person had the barred, two people had two saw-whets apiece, and one person had one saw-whet. As we started to walk away from the nets back to the banding shed with hands full of owls, two more saw-whets flew into the nets. Later last night we ended our season with frost on the nets and on eyebrows and on cold fingers.
No owls were hurt during this process. All flew upwards on release.
One bird injured earlier was rehabed successfully by Finger Lakes Raptor Center. It flew strongly away on release. Thanks Morgan
Thanks to Maddie, Bob, Phil, Julia and Wayne, and Jessie and Bryan
John Confer

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