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Subject: Re: Follow up question on Antiques
For items dated prior to the MBTA it is necessary to have a legal
paper trail accompanying the item's documenting its history from point
of origin forward. At least that's what was required with any donation
of specimens/mounts etc. to the Vertebrate Museum at Shippensburg
University when I was working there as part of my graduate
assistantship. We currently do the same thing at Dickinson College.

Kim Van Fleet
Shermans Dale, PA

Quoting Falconer Will <falconerwill07...>:

> Yes I agree, Antique Road Show would have not showed it if it was
> after that date. They are pretty good about that.
> Will Weyant
> Loysville, PA
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> Subject: Follow up question on Antiques
> I've seen antique items on e.g. the Antiques Road Show that have
> bird feathers as part of an item, e.g. antique clothing, etc.  I'm
> guessing these items were made before the 1918 law was adopted. What
> should happen to these antiques when they are discovered now?
> Ellen
> <reeser...>
> Cumberland County, PA
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