Date: 11/12/20 8:46 pm
From: Tom McNamara <tmcmac67...>
Subject: [obol] Re: An interesting Empid at Hatfield Lake on November 10
Hello all,

Craig did a pretty good run down of eliminating features of various other
empids occuring in the U.S. and arrived at Dusky flycatcher, and I agree
with that call. (In answer to the question you posed though,Craig, "am I
missing something" -- yes just a smidgen, but not on the ID---- there are
a couple unmentioned species missed for for all-inclusive
consideration/elimination: 1)-Buff-breasted (HIGHLY unlikely up here, and
this isn't one...because it just isn't ;-) and 2) Least Flycatcher
which, I don't believe this bird is: this bird's bill is too thin and is
blackish on part of lower mandible, wing covert contrast is not too
apparent either. I believe Hammond's too can be eliminated with not too
much uncertainty because the primary projection is revealed well in a
number of pics and it is quite short---these primaries barely/don't even
reach the lower end of the undertail coverts---in Hammond's the prim.
projection extends well beyond them.

my take. good birding all, Tom

On Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 4:54 PM bill shelmerdine <georn1...> wrote:

> All,
> While birding Hatfield Lake a couple of days ago I encountered an
> interesting empid. I have been on the road, just returned home today and
> downloaded some digi-scoped photos of the bird and entered the trip list
> into ebird. I have yet to work out the I.D. and would welcome any comments
> or suggestions. Could lead to some interesting discussion and a chance to
> learn. Photos and notes can be found here:
> Bill Shelmerdine
> Olympia WA

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