Date: 11/12/20 5:14 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Ankeny Sparrow
Mitch Ratzlaff suggests, and I agree, that Harry's bathing sparrow is likely
a Lincoln's Sparrow. The streaks in the breast argue against Swamp. The
streaks are fine, and the malar is yellow-tan in some photos.

The wet bird is a challenge; not what we're uised to seeing.

Paull Sullivan


Subject: Ankeny--Swamp Sparrow
Date: Thu Nov 12 2020 0:33 am
From: atowhee AT
Our bathing sparrow along the road to Rail Trail parking lot was, in fact,

a Swamp Sparrow...he was near the crabapple tree on west side of the lane...


Harry Fuller
Subject: Ankeny Marsh in the fog
Date: Wed Nov 11 2020 20:15 pm
From: atowhee AT
Only one surprise--two Tree Swallows feeding over Eagle Marsh!

Lots of expected birds: 26 Tundra Swans, GW Teal most numerous duck within

sight, Merlin and RS Hawk near Pintail Marsh. 45 species in 2.5 hours,

nice morning. Salem Audubon field trip under covid restrictions.

Best Savannah Sparrow series of pictures.

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