Date: 11/12/20 12:57 pm
From: Joe Hanfman <auk1844...>
Subject: [MDBirding] eBird -- Triadelphia Reservoir (Howard County) -- Nov 12, 2020
All of the ducks from this morning except for Canvasback and Redhead are continuing at Triadelphia Reservoir. The scoters are was in the back towards Big Branch so a long walk and scope are now necessary.


Triadelphia Reservoir (Howard County)
Nov 12, 2020
8:11 AM
1.15 miles
102 Minutes
All birds reported? Yes
Comments: Submitted from eBird for iOS, version 2.3 Build 2.3.7

25 Canada Goose
1 Wood Duck
1 Northern Shoveler
65 Gadwall -- Conservative count
28 American Wigeon
16 Mallard
20 American Black Duck
2 Green-winged Teal
1 Canvasback -- Male in the scaup and Redh flock. White body, red head with sloped bill.
6 Redhead -- All I saw in one scan.
45 Ring-necked Duck
15 Greater Scaup -- Count when the flock flew.
225 Lesser Scaup -- Estimate
7 Surf Scoter -- Exact count
1 White-winged Scoter -- Adult male, huge black duck, large bill, white comma at eye, white secondary showing while it swam.
2 Black Scoter -- Females with the SuSc flock. Dark cap, pale side of face, dark body.
2 Long-tailed Duck -- Females, white face with dark spot, dark back, white side, dark breast. Swimming with Buff.
125 Bufflehead
60 Ruddy Duck -- Estimate
2 Pied-billed Grebe
2 American Coot
1 Greater Yellowlegs
300 Bonaparte's Gull -- Close count of 3 flocks.
5 Ring-billed Gull
1 Common Loon
1 Double-crested Cormorant
5 Bald Eagle
1 Belted Kingfisher
2 American Crow
6 Fish Crow
1 Common Raven

Number of Taxa: 31

Joe Hanfman
Columbia, MD

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