Date: 11/12/20 8:09 am
From: Suan Hsi Yong <suan.yong...>
Subject: Re: [cayugabirds-l] LOON MIGRATION ALERT
At Taughannock this morning 11 loon watchers showed up without prior
arrangement. I arrived just before sunrise (6:53am):

6:53-7:08 : 10 southbound 1 northbound 10 on water
7:08-7:23 : 56 southbound 5 northbound
7:23-7:38 : 9 southbound 1 northbound 11 on water
7:38-7:53 : 7 southbound 1 northbound
7:53-8:08 : 11 southbound 5 on water
8:08-8:23 : 14 southbound 6 northbound
8:23-8:38 : 49 southbound 8 northbound or circled north

The first wave were almost all low (slightly above treeline at the
highest) and following Cayuga's South-easterly trajectory.
The gap felt longer than we'd hoped.
The second wave were mostly high-flying dots, a good number heading
directly overhead or south-westerly perhaps towards Watkins Glen, fun
challenge to pick them out amid the flock of ring-billed gulls that
decided to kettle high in our northwest sky for some reason.

Good fun with the gathered crowds. Thanks especially to eagle-eyed
Aaron visiting from Colorado who was especially good at spotting
faraway birds.



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