Date: 11/10/20 9:21 pm
From: Jay Withgott <withgott...>
Subject: [obol] no Gyrfalcon found today ... but Longspurs & SE Owls

I spent most of today looking for the Gyrfalcon in the region north of Baskett Slough, without finding it.

(And Harry: I think you were so fond of your pun in your posting that you wrote “Gos” when you meant “Gyr”?)

At the spot Harry describes for grassland birds on Livermore Road, I found several (at least 4) LAPLAND LONGSPURS mixed in with the many Horned Larks and Savannah Sparrows. This was about a mile or so south of Bethel Rd. on Livermore Rd., on the bare dirt hillside on the west side of the road. This, as I recall, is the exact same spot where there were double digits of Lapland Longspurs in April 2018.

The PRAIRIE FALCON was near the grain tower on Perrydale Rd. west of Tucker Road as described by others previously.

A SNOW GOOSE was with Cacklers at the Hwy 22 overlook of Baskett Slough.

At McMinnville Airport at dusk, 4 SHORT-EARED OWLS flew about hunting. (Thanks for the tip, Paul!) I could see them from a little turnoff off 99W, but they were far away and the traffic was noisy and close. Better to view them from a little turnoff on Airport Rd. on the SE side, where they are closer and there is less traffic.

Too bad to miss the Gyr, but an enjoyable day anyway, with torrential rain, bright sunshine, and everything in between, as well as multiple rainbows appearing at different times and places.

Jay W

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