Date: 11/10/20 3:22 pm
From: Nancy and Mike Thomas <shipwreck5000...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Fwd: Malformed Beak
Deformed Bills

There was an interesting article in Bird Watcher's Digest July/August '19
suggesting that these deformities may be a virus in the same family that
causes the common cold and polio in humans. Maxine Zylberberg discovered
this in birds RNA. Zylberberg worked with Handel, Van Hemert and a team of
researchers at the California Academy of Sciences and the University of
California San Francisco offered to use their advanced DNA and RNA sequence
technology on the bird bill samples. A previously unknown virus
belonging to the family of picornaviruses was found in everyone of the
birds with deformed bills. New virus was called poecivirus. The
aforementioned information is what was written in the article.

Handel requests that you report any birds with deformed bills on the
website Alaskan Science Center of the U.S. Geological Survey, or mail GS-AK_Beak_Deformity Thought this may be
of interest to you and others. Nancy Thomas

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> I thought some may find this interesting. I saw a savannah sparrow today
> on the Hatfield Marine Center trail that was missing most of its upper
> mandible. It looks malformed, not broken. It was also missing all of its
> tail feathers.
> More pics here;

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