Date: 11/10/20 2:25 pm
From: Harry Fuller <atowhee...>
Subject: [obol] Polk County--wild GOs chase--didn't find it
The dog and I went looking for the reported Goshawk in northern Polk.
County. We did not find it. There was sporadic cold rain. There was a road
crew stopping traffic along Livermore Road. The odds were bad to begin with.

Then we drove past two facing fields along Livermore Road, three miles
north of Smithfield Road. There we hit the bare field trifecta!
West of Livermore the earth sloped upward, a bare field with fine stubble
strewn about the surface, one closer look I could see fresh dicotyledons
sprouting. On the east side a more level field of fescue, Birds were
flitting back and forth between the two menus. Some landed along the edge
of the road's gravel. Further out I could see birds circling and chasing
and larking about. That was my clue--Horned Larks. Along the road--Savannah
Sparrows. In the grass near the road edge--pipits. Three for three, and not
a single Killdeer in sight.

Harry Fuller
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