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With the exception of ZEISS, most binocular companies will stand behind their product and give better quality service for the best price.  I would recommend contacting the manufacturer and give them an outline of the defect and see what they have to say?
I have a pair of SWAROSKI 8.5 x 42, which, last spring, I carelessly, let slide off the dashboard of our car and knocked out the right side focus while we were in Costa Rica.  The company rep, Alex, LENT me a pair, since all mail and  post flights were curtailed due to virus. When I got home recently, Swarovski repaired them under warranty, although the fault was mine, and express mailed them so I will have them in time to depart for Cape May soon; all without costing a penny.
My wife's LEICA 8 x 42 had a similar problem.  Leica had a problem getting parts so gave her a new pair.
Now those are class acts from class companies.
Contrasting -- my ZEISS binoculars were in their case, in the closet, and the focus wheel froze; without any trauma, bounce, salt water, heat, cold, etc.  The company refuses to address the problem, citing "fungi contamination,"  and offered $100 off a new pair!  I replied there wasn't anything extraterrestrial or lethal, nor nothing amiss on my part? 

They have stonewalled.
I will be suing them.
My conclusion -- buy the best instrument your budget will suit, but take great care on how the company treats you AFTER you fork over your hard earned dollars.  These are not ming vases in museums, but technical instruments that get a lot of trial in the field.  Service, just like for your car is a very important element in the long run.  So go back to the manufacturer.

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Does anybody know of a place that does binocular repair?

Denise Donmoyer

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