Date: 11/9/20 1:30 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Polk county raptors

I got to Livermore about 12:30. There were many birders and cars looking for the Gyr. I saw a bird on that tall fir near Perrydale and scoped it. Then it flew (red-tail) south to a utility pole in the field near a rockpile, approx. here (45.030237,-123.256723) The pole had 2 transformers and I suspect it powers an irrigation pump. Lars and I saw exchanges there between the red-tail and a possible falcon that went down out of sight.

A little before 1 PM I looked at the tall fir again and became convinced that the gyr was there. Several cars then drove over to Perrydale Rd, but by the time we got there we found a red-tail on the tree. We saw your post on MIdValley Whatsapp, but we weren’t sure where you were and we didn’t see any falcon. Eventually everyone drifted back to Livermore.

I made a side trip to West Perrydale and saw the prairie falcon at the grove with the grain elevator.

I’m pretty sure the Gyr will remain in the area for the winter. It has a ready supply of prey.

Good birding,


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Hi Paul and others,

After missing the Gyr around noon at the Livermore Rd. spot yesterday, I circled west to Enterprise Rd. where it was seen on Saturday. I had no luck there so I went back to Livermore for one more look before I headed back to Corvallis. As I was driving south, four or five cars drove north past me -- presumably the group that went to Perrydale Rd. I pulled up to the Livermore Rd. spot where there were still two cars. I got out and someone informed me that most people went to Perydale to get a better angle at a suspect bird on top of distance firs to the northwest. I put my scope on the bird and as soon as I got on it, the bird was pushed off by a Red-tailed Hawk. I immediately recognized the bird as a large falcon. The bird circled for 30 or so seconds and allowed me and two others to get decent looks, despite the distance, at a huge falcon, the same size as the Red-tails, with broad, falcon-shaped wings. I called it out as the Gyr. We all took our eyes off the bird at the same time and it was never seen again. I looked back to the firs and a Red-tail was in the same spot as the Gyr had been.

I suspect the bird is still in the area or near Baskett Slough NWR hunting Cackling Geese. Hopefully it provides more opportunities for others to get on it.

Cheers and good birding,

Nolan Clements

Corvallis, OR

On Sun, Nov 8, 2020 at 9:15 PM Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...> <mailto:<paultsullivan...> > wrote:

I tried to refind the Gryfalcon in Polk county this afternoon. I came in past Ballston, down De Jong Rd to West Perrydale, then joined the crowd at Livermore about 12:45. Several cars went over to Perrydale Rd south of the village of Perrydale. NO LUCK. The bird at the top of a tall fir that we thought was the gry turned out to be a Red-tail. Others said they saw the Gry about 1 PM, but many of us didn’t find it. Some of the location information on the MidValley Whatsapp group was confusing.

I went back to the original grove on West Perrydale, a mile west of Tucker Rd. and found a PRAIRIE FALCON.

On my way home on Hwy 99W, just south of the Yamhill county line, there is a brown stubble field on the west side of the highway. I saw 19 Red-tails and 1 Rough-leg hunting that single field.

Paul Sullivan


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