Date: 11/9/20 6:40 am
From: Allan Strong <Allan.Strong...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Short-eared Owl show - Gage Road, Addison
Hi VT Birders,

The Short-eared Owls have been putting on a nice show at Gage Rd. in Addison. If you haven't been lately, it is worth the trip as the weather is amazing and the sunsets have been spectacular with geese flying over the Adirondacks in front of a golden glow.

There have been up to 6 owls in the area and they have been making an appearance a little before 5:00. But, it is definitely worth getting set up a little early (4:30, 4:40). Last night there was an amazing congregation of 19 (!) Northern Harriers hunting over the winter wheat on the north side of the road. Although the owls appear just as the sun is setting, their white underwings make them fairly easy to pick out as they flutter over the fields. A few folks have had some nice close looks as they crossed from one side of the road to the other. Definitely a quintessential VT birding experience!

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