Date: 11/8/20 6:57 pm
From: Nancy Stotz <nstotznew...>
Subject: [obol] Mid-Valley raptor surge continues including Benton Co FEHA
On my way to Eugene this morning I got nice views of the Ferruginous Hawk
(first reported by Pam Otley) along Potter Drive in Linn County. Lots of
Red-tails, harriers, and good numbers Rough-legs still in that field too.
Along Creek Bend drive south of Potter Road, there was a Prairie Falcon.
Harriers, Red-tails, and Rough-legs were all over the field north of the
west end of American Drive, and there were also 5 swans out in their normal
spot on the south side of the road.

This afternoon I returned to Corvallis via 99W so I could quickly cruise
Llewellyn and Airport Roads on my way home. From the 90 degree corner west
of the airport, I had a very distant bird that seemed like it could be a
Ferrug to me, and shot lots of photos. I've had a couple folks concur with
my tentative FEHA call based on blurry photos, so I'll share them more
widely here:

Nancy Stotz

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