Date: 11/8/20 5:17 am
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Still almost no Juncos
McMinnville report:

My first backyard junco appeared Oct 1 and was alone for several days. By
Oct 18 there were 5, then 12 on Oct 23. Now I'm up to 15 or more.

Paul Sullivan


Subject: Re: Still almost no juncos
Date: Sat Nov 7 2020 22:57 pm
From: gtaylor22 AT

I've had plenty of juncos every day for a couple of weeks in my back yard in
Newberg, including one slate-colored today. In one five minute span today I
had oregon and slate-colored juncos, song sparrow, house sparrow, house
finch, spotted towhee, american goldfinch, bewick's wren, steller's jay,
scrub jay, red-breasted nuthatch and black-capped chickadee at the feeders
and ground below. Two squirrels and even a rare chipmunk joined in.

Glen Taylor


Subject: Still almost no Juncos
Date: Sat Nov 7 2020 21:48 pm
From: aeduston AT
in East Portland. September fires I can understand made things tough for

much wildlife. I thought the juncos would return in October - feeders

ready and their usual companions, GCS, Fox Sparrows and finches arrived.

I have seen a handful of juncos in the neighborhood, but none in my

yard. What gives, anybody know?

Anne D., directly north of Powell Butte

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