Date: 11/6/20 3:49 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig2.0...>
Subject: [obol] RBA: 4 Falcon day in Polk County, includes GYRFALCON 11/6/20
I want to tell you a true story. I went to the area around Baskett
Slough-Perrydale-Ballston today to look for a GYRFALCON. Several have been
found in the area over the past 40 years by me and others. Who else do you
know that has ever gone looking for a GYRFALCON in Western Oregon and then
found one that same day? No one

Just before that I found a PRAIRIE FALCON, then the GYR within 5 minutes of
each other for about the best 5 minutes of birding I can think of in my
birding life.

I saw 9 species of hawks/falcons in Polk County today. They are
PEREGRINE. PRAIRIE and GYRFALCON. I called a couple people who got the
word out quickly so that at least four other people got to see the GYR
within the next hour or so

There was also a NORTHERN SHRIKE along Livermore Road

Roy Gerig, Salem OR

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