Date: 11/5/20 9:22 pm
From: Mary Kay Waddington <waddingtonmk...>
Subject: [cobirds] Frigatebird
Just for a little historical reference -- there was a Frigatebird 20 some
years ago at Dillon Reservoir. It "attacked" a windsurfer (I really don't
know what "attacked" means here) and the windsurfer threw a rock at it and
broke its wing. I was lucky enough to be able to skin it for the museum,
and I remember a couple things. First of all, the stomach was completely
empty -- not too many squid found in Dillon Reservoir. And second, there
was an obvious brain lesion. So the bird was obviously going to die anyway
with no food source available, and it's possible that the brain lesion
caused something to go screwy with its navigational capabilities. (I have
absolutely no expertise here, so that's just my wild guess.)

So it's hard to believe this bird will survive either. If anybody finds it
dead somewhere, be sure to save it for the museum!

Mary Kay Waddington (Arapahoe County)

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