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Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Snowy Owls and Snow Geese
Thanks for doing this Bryan. My grandson. Aidan Quinn, and I are going to hit Dead Creek on Saturday morning. Do you have a more specific location for the SO sighting at dead creek last week. Was it on Gage Road or somewhere.  Always enjoy you blogs, 
David Book

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Subject: [VTBIRD] Snowy Owls and Snow Geese

Greetings, VTBIRDers:

As many of you may know, Snowy Owls are starting to turn up across Canada and northern states (including Vermont and New York). As always, I’m tracking Snowy Owl movements ( and the Greater Snow Goose migration (

Oh, and if you’re interested in gulls this winter (and who wouldn’t be?), I’ll be delivering a new-and-improved version of my gull identification lesson for North Branch Nature Center’s online Naturalist Journeys lecture series on November 20:


—Bryan Pfeiffer
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