Date: 11/5/20 9:43 am
From: Lew & Marti Ligocki <ligockibirds...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Bird feeder question
I agree with Bob with one suggestion. If most of your feeders are out in the open and you can move some closer to shrubs or under tree limbs, that might help. Put ground feeders under shrubs, preferably in front of a window, so you can still see the birds on the tray, but they’re hidden from overhead view. Even with that precaution, every few years we’ll have a hawk, usually a Sharpie, take a bird or two. But the birds keep coming.

Marti Ligocki
South Salem

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Subject: [obol] Bird feeder question

I am writing for advice about my bird feeders. We live next to wooded(oaks, maples, doug fir) area and have always had a nice variety of birds visiting/eating. A month ago visits abruptly stopped. I cleaned feeders, added new seeds, but currently only Stellers Jays, Spotted Towhees, chickadees infrequently visit. Last week I spotted a Coopers Hawk (I think) coming out of woods! I’m guessing he/she has spooked my visitors?
What would you experienced bird feeders recommend? Take feeders down for a month and hope hawk moves on? Or?
Thank you!
Beth Quackenbush
West Salem

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