Date: 11/4/20 10:51 am
From: Wiltraut, Richard E <rwiltraut...>
Subject: Townsend's Solitaire, Northampton County
Yesterday around 1:00 PM, a Townsend's Solitaire was observed at Little Gap hawk watch on the Kittatinny Ridge in Northampton County by my friends Jim Wilson and Angela Lambert, as well as birders Sean Duffy and Donna (sorry Donna didn't get your last name) at close range. The bird flew in from the north and perched on the dead top of a stunted Eastern Hemlock about 20-25 feet from the observers. Their first impression was Northern Mockingbird, but it's smaller size and more slender build, darker gray color, brownish wing bars, upright stance, smaller rounder head, shorter bill and white eye rings convinced them it was not a mockingbird. None of the observers had seen a bird like this before. The bird perched there for about 30 seconds then flew closer to observers, almost landing on a clump of stunted birches before veering off and flying away. Upon returning home, Jim positively identified in his Peterson field guide.

Good birding,


Rick Wiltraut
PA Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources
Bureau of State Parks | Jacobsburg EE Center
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