Date: 11/4/20 9:43 am
From: Peterson, Bruce B. <peterson...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] questionable sighting
David, I had an unmistakable Sprague's about 30 years ago, just north of the farm in Addison where Rt. 17 turns south and intersects a north/south road (can't remember the name.). Fortunately the bird was in a recently cut field. We watched with good views for at least a half hour. I wrote it up for whoever the grand poohbahs of Vermont birds were at that time. They did not accept the record, but it WAS a Sprague's. So they can occur here. Congratulations. It's a tough bird and a great find.

Bruce Peterson

On 10/30/20, 2:12 PM, "Vermont Birds on behalf of David Gusakov" <VTBIRD...> on behalf of <dgusakov...> wrote:

Saw a flock of 50-75 birds in the fields a bit north of Snake Mtn., Champlain Valley this morning.

They seemed to be pipits with a mix of features from both water (streaks fairly far down the chest, slight
white eye ring, thin jeet note) and Sprague’s (flesh-colored legs, very indistinct white stripe over eye, more of a patterned back).

Have there been Sprague’s sightings in Vermont? Could they be interbreeding?

David Gusakov

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