Date: 11/2/20 3:55 pm
From: Thomas Robben via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Birds and seasons changing
In the Northeast we can enjoy the seasonal changes so clearly. Today is a
great example of these changing seasons, with decreasing sunlight and this
big windy cold front pushing down through the eastern USA (click below to
see the Nov.2 weather map, and the huge blue cold front line).

These strong cold winds have an impact on many things, including
birds, insects, mammals (squirrels!), plants, water currents and
temperature, mixing of stratified layers of sea water, increasing oxygen in
the water, plankton and fish. We certainly notice our regular and
accidental bird species migrating and changing over the last several
weeks. A very exciting time of year!

Mother Nature is putting on a magnificent show, and the seasonal changes in
our bird life gives us a direct experience with it!

Take care, as the covid19 virus is increasing again,
Tom Robben
Glastonbury CT
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