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Actually Susan, this might be Washington County’s first Clark’s Nutcracker. It was not on the WA County list at and there are no WA County nutcrackers on eBird (There are no Clatsop records on eBird either but it is included on the EC Audubon list). With this addition, only Columbia and Sherman counties are missing a Clark’s Nutcracker on their county checklists.

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Hi birders,

A Clark’s Nutcracker was photographed two days ago in Washington County. The photo was posted on Facebook as well as on iNaturalist Sorry, I don’t have any more information than that.

I spent almost two hours in the area this morning but was not able to relocate it, but I’ve only seen them a couple times before. Maybe someone more familiar with their habits would do better. I think this is only like the second time the species has been seen in Washington County?


Susan Kirkbride


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