Date: 11/1/20 4:01 pm
From: kfinch <kfinch51...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Surprise on Hunger Mt.
Hunger Mountain is where?
    Ken Finch
-------- Original message --------From: Chris Rimmer <crimmer...> Date: 11/1/20 6:30 PM (GMT-05:00) To: <VTBIRD...> Subject: [VTBIRD] Surprise on Hunger Mt. Late yesterday afternoon during a hike up the north slope of Hunger Mt.with Paul Wieczoreck and 3 friends, we had 3 avian surprises in the spaceof less than 5 minutes as we stood on a lookout with a spectacular distantview of the snow-clad Presidentials. First, an immature Northern Harriersailed by at eye level. This was immediately followed by a flock of 8+White-winged Crossbills, several of which afforded close looks as theyforaged in the cone-laden red spruces. Moments later, Paul said "I think Iheard a Boreal Chickadee", which none of us took too seriously, especiallysince a Red-breasted Nuthatch had just been 'yanking' close by. Paul heardit again (his ears are far superior to mine...), and suddenly the bird wasforaging on the red spruce tops at close range. We had amazing views overthe next 3 minutes or so, all shaking our heads at the unlikelihood offinding this species so far away from its year-round haunts in the NulheganBasin.Boreal Chickadees are known to undergo periodic southward irruptions oftheir breeding range, and perhaps this individual is a harbinger of such aflight. These irruptions are thought to relate to food shortages in borealforests and can apparently coincide with those of seed-eating finches. Ifnumbers of siskis and just-arriving redpolls are any indication, this couldbe a strong finch flight year, and it will be interesting to see whetherother Boreal Chickadees appear in VT outside the Northeast Kingdom, andelsewhere in New England.Chris________________________Chris RimmerVermont Center for EcostudiesPO Box 420 | Norwich, Vermont 05055802.649.1431 x202
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