Date: 11/1/20 1:32 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: for the love of birds...
I'm deleting the link from my signature this time so this should go
through. Anyone know if there's anyone that manages all the listservs that
I could ask about this issue?

With that said... it's still been good birding. I was at the hatchery in
Centerton two days ago and got the dunlin I was hoping to see. Then someone
reports a virginia rail the same day so I decided I just had to go back...
So I went yesterday and got the dunlin, 3 long-billed dowitchers, a sora,
and a virginia rail... though it was in the marshy area between upper and
lower ponds. It was a good day. Then I get home and just a while after I
left, someone says they saw black-bellied plovers there. Ack...
So, I chased the rail the other day because I've seen them before but
"needed" one for my Benton county list. (that's a need right)
The black-bellied plover I've seen here before so I chose not to go after

I have to try to not chase tooooo much. Anyway, I tried to stop by city
lake in Siloam Springs BRIEFLY... Ran into another birder and that turned
into a couple hours past the briefly I intended. Ooops.
Lots of gulls in the water. I counted about 40 ring-billed. Then I went
over to the end with the blind to see if there were ducks down there.
Highlight of the day(if you'd call it that, I wouldn't...) bird poop.
blech. When I got to that side of the lake, I got out of the car and was
looking up up up as there were gulls everywhere. We later counted somewhere
near 100 ring-billed and it was impossible to keep a good count on the
franklin's because not all of them came in and we'd see group after group.
Anyway, standing there next to my car... looking up... splat... right on
the edge of my open mouth. That's a first. I can only assume it was poop.
Something splatted. I spit it out. Had a water bottle in hand and rinsed
and rinsed and rinsed... washed my face down. Then looked in the reflection
of the car window to see where else it got on me. Nowhere. I found no poop
on me anywhere. I never even saw what hit my face but what else could that
have been.
I watched a LOT of gulls pooping the rest of the day hoping none would get
me. Thankfully I remained safe the rest of my visit there.

Despite the hazards that birding can bring, it's still all worth it. :)

Daniel Mason


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