Date: 11/1/20 10:52 am
From: Nichols Photography via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Respect the owls!
I was just reading Eli H’s report while at work today and I’m appalled by the behavior he witnessed. It’s important to be quiet when in an area where owls are known to be. Too loud will bring a predator to the area and the owl won’t stand a chance. People need to also understand we should not be overcrowding the owl. They need their space and they need to rest during the day. A friend of mine texted me a photo of the remains of an owl found today. The cause of death was likely an attack by a larger raptor which was probably initiated by HUMANS being loud and attracting the bigger bird’s attention. So PLEASE don’t yell or talk loud, or tell everybody you know to come see an owl. It will not end up well for the birds.

Also, please don’t use audio playback on the owls and restrain from using flash as we don’t want to stress the owls more.


Monica Nichols
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