Date: 11/1/20 9:09 am
From: Hugh David Fleischmann <huey122663...>
Subject: [MDBirding] 2020 Denton Black-headed Grosbeak
Good afternoon on this rainy Sunday. If you are not aware, there is a Black-headed Grosbeak being seen at a home’s feeder in Denton, Maryland. It was found late Friday afternoon and posted to eBird. I then became a detective and reached out to the Bergey family. They were and are open to visitors.

If interested the address is 27161 Hobbs Rd, Denton, MD. If you go please park in driveway with 2 wheels on the gravel. The bird is consistently being seen in the tree closest to the front porch. There are several feeders, but it seems especially fond of the double suet feeder. See picture attached. Please be nice and donate a couple of dollars or a suet block or 2, if you go.

And some people that see this bird, might see or hear it's cousin, the Evening Grosbeak, which is making it's way down south, throughout Maryland. Can you imagine seeing both of these crazy rarities, on the same day, in Maryland. Thats just plain bird crazy nuts!

If you are lucky enough to see this bird please use the 2020 eBird Hotspot that was just created by Mike Bowen. Thanks. If you have seen the bird and used a diff eBird location or used the 2011 Black-headed Grosbeak hotspot, please change to the current one.

I spoke to the Bergey‘s and they told me that all of the birders were being very respectful of their family, their home and the bird. I wanted to give everyone a special thank you for showing off the class that Marylanders have.

Black-headed Grosbeak; today, pictured below. MD's 7th record, once accepted. Maryland life bird #367. A special thank you to the Bergey family for being so hospitable. Very sweet!!

Peace and be safe!!

Awesome Birding in 2020!

Hugh David Fleischmann

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