Date: 10/31/20 6:38 pm
From: Darrel Faxon <t4c1x...>
Subject: [obol] owl month
October. In the past October has proved to be a great month for hearing owls, and his year was no exception. Here at Thornton Creek (Lincoln) I have been hearing Northern Pygmy almost every morning, Northern Saw-whet nearly every night, Barred with some regularity, and Western Screech on occasion. Last night's the resonant bass hoots from a Great Horned completed the sweep of vocalizations from all the local species. The only one missing was Long-eared, which is very rare here at any season. I have heard them here in October, but maybe only four or five times. If this location is at all typical, there must be a lot of owls in the Coast Range.


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