Date: 10/31/20 6:14 pm
From: Harry Fuller <atowhee...>
Subject: [obol] cold morning at Baskett Slough--swans & falcons
Philippe Pessereau, TimWilson and I birded the Baskett Slough loop this
morning. The fog lifted early but the cold remained. By 1030AM our fingers
were no longer numb.
We had three falcon species. I think I would need to go to Klamath basin to
get four in one day right now. And I think we had both swan species. There
was a trio of Trumpeters in the marsh south of Coville Road. Through our
scopes we could see the straight plane of the face from forehead to beak
tip. There was no way for us to get good images or get any closer than the
roadside. Then as we drove Smithfield Road northward we could see dozens of
swans in the lakes along the valley to our east. These had color near the
lores and we took them for Tundra Swans, perhaps still heading south?

On Smithfield we got fine views of a Peregrine with perfect morning light.
Along Livermore Road we noticed a Merlin after it was harassed by a
harrier. Earlier we had seen one harrier harrying another along Livermore

Along Smithfield we also had a Black Phoebe and Say's Phoebe hunting the
same stretch of road. Our lone Hooded Merganser (female) of the day was in
the small farm pond downhill from Van Duzer Winery where Smithfield has an
elbow. The lone Snow Goose was in the marsh north of Coville Road just
before it heads uphill to Smithfield Road junction.

I know you're dying to know if we found coots--yes.

Our mammals for the day (besides hominids) were nutria and California
ground squirrel.
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