Date: 10/31/20 5:35 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Coos 'N Curry of Late
Terry Wahl reports his first TROPICAL KINGBIRD and PALM WARBLER of the year
at the family ranch near Cape Blanco, Curry on 10/30/20.

This AM at Floras Lake, Curry there was a large swirling mass of gulls when
I arrived around 0815, several thousand strong. Birds kept coming in off
the ocean and the size of the flock kept growing- it was amazing. Most
birds were in the middle and south end of the lake so hard to ID from the
parking area. I walked out to the windsurf place and was able to make out
mostly CA Gulls (80-90%) but also some Westerns and Herring. Most gulls
were adults. I did not have my scope with me unfortunately- this is a great
time of year to check large flocks like this for Lesser-black Backs.

Other birds of note included a flock of five HORNED LARKS on the NW end of
the lake right where the short grass meets the beachgrass. If I had
remembered my scope I could have gotten a subspecies ID easily, they were
pretty cooperative but it was blowing 15-20 so they were a bit skiddish but
kept landing in the same general area. One LAPLAND LONGSPUR further north
near the river along the trail to the river, I almost stepped on it on the
way back.

Back in Coos at Lower Fourmile Creek (south of Bandon right south of the
Wildlife Safari place) I had an adult NORTHERN GOSHAWK flying around near
the BLM parking area there. It ended up flying right by me headed up the
road to the north there. Always a good bird in Coos!

Later this PM, I headed over to the Eastside portion of Coos Bay. Off 1st
St there is an old road/trail that connects with the Millicoma Marsh trail
mostly used by dog walkers (like me). They put a new sewer line through
here this summer and opened up the overgrown trail. The kack habitat is
awesome- better than Millicoma. I have seen several rarities here over the
years including a singing adult male redstart in June this year. Anyhow,
it has great overwinter Orange-crowned Warbler habitat and of course there
was one there this afternoon. Also along the trail, a NORTHERN SHRIKE flew
in and landed atop a Douglas-fir while Pip and I were walking there around
4:30 PM.

Another awesome sunny day- the number of which left are few (rain
forecasted from Tuesday on for about a week here). I hear we are headed
for a La Nina winter which means a 60% chance of more than average precip.
After a couple very dry winters it will be back to the soggy normal it
sounds like.

Happy Halloween- check out that full blue moon!
Tim Rodenkirk
Coos Bay

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