Date: 10/31/20 11:02 am
From: <adamus7...>
Subject: [obol] devices I found for hearing nature with windows shut
As colder weather arrives and windows remain shut, I've missed hearing the
sounds of nature in my yard. In particular I've missed the notes announcing
the arrival of foraging flocks, owls and frogs at night, and perhaps a
species new to my yard. Recently on OBOL I asked if anyone had experience
using a security camera or other device to bring inside the sounds of birds
in their yard. I got no responses so continued researching options on the
internet. The first thing I found that seemed it might work was the "Google
Nest Cam Outdoor" for $189 which is described as a weatherproof outdoor
camera with night vision that can be controlled with a smartphone. I chatted
online with the sales person and she assured me that its outdoor microphone
could transmit sounds wirelessly to my phone in real time:

After some additional online searching I found another option, called
"Nature's Window 3 Outdoor Sound Monitor" for $150. Although it lacks the
camera (which I didn't care about), it has a real desktop speaker, outdoor
microphone, and doesn't require an outdoor power outlet. I bought it and
love it! It took only a few minutes to set up (I placed the microphone
under the eaves of my roof) and the sound quality is as good what I'd hear
with windows open, plus the sounds can be amplified or turned off entirely:

Now I can listen to birds during every waking hour if I want while doing
other things around the house or on my computer. Of course, if you live on a
busy street or have constantly barking dogs next door, these devices will
just be an aggravation with those annoying sounds.

Paul Adamus

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