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I'll start with the subject. Geese. I went to the fish hatchery in
Centerton yesterday. By the time I was exploring the area that Jacque Brown
saw a rail, it was getting tooooo dark to see anything. Gates were closed
and I was on foot. I still had a good day.
but the geese. Shortly after arriving, a small flock flew in. I only saw
Canada geese but, I heard a higher honking with this group. I scanned and
scanned. They even landed in the water where I was trying to count
green-winged teal(about 140). Only Canada. Maybe this one was going through
a Peter Brady voice change?
One honk in the bunch was just higher and I just don't know what that was
about. Unless a bird flew by without me seeing it.
Was not a bad day birding. As it was getting dark, three female pintail
came in.
As I walked around and the sun was going WAY down(pretty skies by the way)
the geese decided to fly away rather than just swim to another part of the
pond they were near. One small group of three birds had some higher honks
I was looking for cackling geese throughout all my counting. At this point,
it was too dark to look at the three by themselves but, while everything
was on the ground and I was counting and searching, they were all for
certain Canada geese. Unless there was something there just wearing a
Canada costume.

At city lake in Siloam Springs I had some good birds this week. Some
interesting gulls... mostly ring-billed but some bonaparte's, franklin's,
and a potential laughing. Lots of good birs including ruddy ducks here and
there. One of the more interesting things at city lake two days ago was at
least 5 common loons. I kept trying to study them. I THOUGHT I saw one
different in there at one point but never could confirm. Pretty confident
on 5 common as they eventually were all together side by side...but for
hours those birds were up and down. You'd say there were 5 there... then,
where'd they go? You'd wait and a bird would pop up on the other side of
the lake. Boy can they hold their breath and swim...

And now I'm trying to convince myself... of what? I'm not sure. I'm either
trying to convince myself I need to head to the hatchery to try and get a
glimpse of that rail or, convince myself I don't "need" to and should save
Which will win out?

Daniel Mason


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