Date: 10/31/20 5:18 am
From: Rob Dickerson <radickerson...>
Subject: Request for Photos - Summer 2020
Do you have some great photos of any birds taken in Pennsylvania from June 1, 2020 - July 31, 2020? Or a picture of a notable/significant sighting from that period?

I am currently accepting photo submissions through end of day November 14 to be considered for publication as space permits in the Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology (PSO) Summer 2020 issue of Pennsylvania Birds.

**Important Note** Images submitted must be high-res and are preferred to be horizontal shots. Submitted images must be able to be cropped to 1050px x 700px with a resolution of 300 px/in for horizontal images. If space allows high-quality vertical portrait shots may be used, but they take up the space of 2 photos in the layout used by the journal. Vertical photos submitted must be able to be cropped to 1050px x 1313px at 300 px/in.

Some further instructions... If your submission does not follow the instructions below or contain the info requested below, it will not be processed!

- Submissions for consideration **must** be taken during the above date range and emailed to <radickerson...>, please make mention of the word SUMMER in the subject line to simplify processing.

- Please do not submit me dozens of images for consideration, please do some initial limiting/judging of selections on your end that reflect the best of your work. However, if you have 15 different images of truly notable sightings in the state from this period, I'll gladly accept them for consideration!

- VERY important!!! For each image attached to the e-mail, you must include a description in the body of the e-mail for that image. Best format to follow: Species Name - Location, County, DD Month. Sentence about significance if known/applicable. (Photographer Name) Example: Antillean Nighthawk - Presque Isle SP, Erie, 12 June. This bird represented a first state record and was observed through 1 July. (John Doe)

- Please also submit your photos for consideration in full resolution or as close to full resolution as possible as these will be printed. Your photo also may be considered for a cover shot and a 250KB image just won't work for that! I need to be able to crop your photo to fit the space as it permits in the journal and a precropped / low-resolution image is problematic for that. It's safe to say that if you're sending me an image under a megabyte in size, it isn't going to be the resolution I need to work with. I also need room to crop the image to the specs used for the newsletter (exact specs posted above) and an extremely tight crop may not allow me to do that.

- Photos selected for printing in the issue will be credited to the photographer, please DO NOT submit watermarked/signatured images or they will not be considered. The image should be clean of any add-ons.

Thanks for considering submitting your photos for consideration for our statewide ornithology journal!


Rob Dickerson
Photo Editor, Pennsylvania Birds
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