Date: 10/30/20 1:21 pm
From: Avery Fish <afish.mtb...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Pine Siskin Green Morph
Cool! So, greenish back and upper tail, almost warbler like. Interesting.
I’ll keep an eye out!

On Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 16:19 Richard Littauer <richard.littauer...>

> Now that Pine Siskins are everywhere, I wanted to draw attention to the
> Pine Siskin green morph that occasionally shows up. You can see photos,
> here
> <
> >.
> Look for them in the giant flocks of Pine Siskins at your feeders. There
> are no records of this bird in Vermont. We might find one, if we all look
> together.
> As well, if you find one that looks *almost* like a green morph - there was
> a record of a Eurasian Siskin <> in
> Maine in 2009. There will almost certainly be another one in the future,
> somewhere in North America. No reason it can't be here, too, and it would
> almost certainly be a flock of Pine Siskins. It's a long shot (very long),
> but hey, who needs an excuse to look at birds, anyway.
> Best,
> Richard
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