Date: 10/30/20 1:19 pm
From: Richard Littauer <richard.littauer...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Pine Siskin Green Morph
Now that Pine Siskins are everywhere, I wanted to draw attention to the
Pine Siskin green morph that occasionally shows up. You can see photos, here
Look for them in the giant flocks of Pine Siskins at your feeders. There
are no records of this bird in Vermont. We might find one, if we all look

As well, if you find one that looks *almost* like a green morph - there was
a record of a Eurasian Siskin <> in
Maine in 2009. There will almost certainly be another one in the future,
somewhere in North America. No reason it can't be here, too, and it would
almost certainly be a flock of Pine Siskins. It's a long shot (very long),
but hey, who needs an excuse to look at birds, anyway.

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