Date: 10/30/20 11:51 am
From: tom and sheri <troberts2459...>
Subject: Re: Live Grouse Needed
And all. I sure hope your research works out. Too many great
memories of grouse. Interestingly, I have seen several woodcock on our farm
this past summer. It is odd as the habitat is upland, drier, lots of farmed
fields. That is another bird i miss a lot. And I miss the whippoorwills.
There is not one item that has resulted in declines - and we are all to
blame - demanding cheap and plentiful food - pesticide use, monoculture
fields, edge-to-edge fields ( everything in production), excess deer, excess
demands on time (too many opportunities/distractions) then fewer
hunters/outdoor enthusiasts, changing timbering.
I haven't found grouse in western PA this year - so far.

Tom Roberts
Somerset county

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The PA Game Commission seeks dead or live (sick or injured) grouse for
research. Grouse are declining in numbers and this research is important to
help understand why. If you find a disabled live grouse (sick, injured, or
behaving oddly), please immediately contact Lisa Williams, PGC grouse bio
[814-422-8503; <liswilliam...><mailto:<liswilliam...>]. Please be ready
to provide detailed location information. If you have already captured the
grouse, please place it in a small cardboard box and put in a dark quiet
room until it can be transported. The grouse will have a small blood sample
humanely drawn for a Conservation Genetics project. The grouse will then be
relayed to Centre Wildlife Care for supportive care, with the goal of
eventual release back to its original location. If a grouse is found dead,
please label location of find and freeze until it can be retrieved. Thank
Lisa M. Williams, Wildlife Biologist - Grouse, Woodcock, Sandhill Cranes,
Webless Game Birds PA Game Commission
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