Date: 10/30/20 9:24 am
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Re: A few more eBird comments
Wow- you think CBC data is just a black hole? Interesting...

Tim Rodenkirk
Coos Bay

On Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 4:52 AM larspernorgren <larspernorgren...>

> The Tangent CBC is an OSU thing, typically the very first day of count
> period as students are dispersing rapidly after finals week. Doug Robinson
> is Professor of Watchable Wildlife in the Dept of Fisheries and Wildlife. A
> combination of faculty, graduates and undergraduates , typically 15 people
> total, cover"the Poachers' Paradise". The year l participated it recorded
> 121 species while Corvallis, a circle that comes w/in 100m of Tanget
> circle, the next day recorded 119 with over 30 observers. Tangent is a
> professional count. You've never heard of it because it overlaps the Airlie
> circle at Talking Waters Gardens in Albany and Joe Geier.....
> The whole thing is eBirded so the data is not going into a black
> hole. One of Doug's doctoral students now
> Works for eBird at Cornell. Tyler Hallman did a doctoral on eBird data. He
> analyzed all reports from Benton and Polk Counties. 90 % of it is worthless
> as data. I operate under Tyler's spec's not Cornell's. That's where l come
> up with the 15 minute / new location--new list protocol. If l'm going to
> the trouble of making an eBird list l want it to be useful to some nerd in
> Tasmania 50 years from now: Minimum 3 minutes, maximum 15. Count all
> species( none of this"x" horseshit) and NEVER use hotspots. Always base the
> list on its real gps coordinates.
> 95% of my birding is not on eBird and l never write lists on paper
> anymore. There is no demand that one use eBird in exactly such and such a
> way. But l think it's sad, outright tragic even, that most peoples' life
> field notes end up in a shoe box in a used book store, or more likely the
> recycling bin or a trash fire. They do, don't they? Maybe 95% of the time?
> You have made copious coverage of a biologically fascinating part of
> the world that is sufficiently remote from the metropole that it inevitable
> received short shrift before. I have no desire to spoil your fun, just
> solidify and magnify your contribution to posterity.
> There is a fabulous kack on the sunny southern slopes of the
> Yaquina Bluffs. It starts at the base of the Yaquina North Jetty and winds
> east continuously to Embarcadero. Maybe three km long, reminiscent of the
> spot in North Bend where you have found Nadhville and Black-throated Gray
> in past winters. I'd love it if you wanted to count it this Dec 27. Last
> year's Orchard Oriole and Prairie Warbler were associated with this complex
> in October.
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