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Lars, the record was submitted to the OBRC and it was approved. You can see the photos here:


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Pictures of Gabrielson and Jewett's specimens from Andrews were put up on Obol some years ago. Wayne Hoffman was satisfied the ID was accurate, if l recall the second go-round of discussion correctly. There have been Californias in the Warner Valley and north to Picture Rock Pass for AtLeast100years. It should be no surprise they have spread east as the juniper and big sage take over the landscape . G&J visited the Steens shortly after Nevada had been denuded of junipers for the mining boom of the late 19th century while being subjected to relentless unrestricted grazing. The call of the two species is highly diagnostic and it's rare a Scrubjay hold's its tongue. If there's a lot of "Woodhouse's" records over the line in the Silver State and close to current Oregon detections of Scrubjays, I'm not surprised. The world is full of salivating listers who seldom hesitate to go the lame-ass route of"ID based on geography". I know one good ornithologist who upon spending a whole day south of Adel surrounded by Scrubjays was dying to call them "Woodhouse's" because they weren't near human habitation. If one can get a recording why worry about photos?

The California Scrubjay seems to be spreading at geometric rate now in Oregon 's fareast. LaGrande last week l think. Probably there to stay. Someone saw them near Brogan last year and was dying to make them into Woodhouse's based on an.outdated map in a field guide. The two species are sympatric somewhere in the deep south of the far west. I expect they'll meet here in the north any day. Surely closer to the Wasatch front than to Steens Mtn.

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