Date: 10/29/20 3:29 pm
From: Thomas Gilg <tom...>
Subject: [obol] Re: FEHA continues at Potter Rd , Halsey
Hi Lars et al.

Scattered comments…

Lars’ Prairie Falcon flew over me on Bell Plain Dr near 99E, which is immediately east of Davis Rd.

Lots of birders are working the region for hawks/falcons. I encourage some birders to pull a little father off the road, since the farmers are running heavy machinery.

I had no sooner parked on Potter Road at the RR-crossing (the old Clay-colored Sparrow spot) in search of the FEHA and Roy’s Swamp Sparrow when 3 birders/cars pulled up. No sooner did we compare notes than a gentleman in a pickup pulled up and ask if we were looking for the FEHA. THE LANDOWNER kindly pointed us to the FEHA on his land, and said he’s used to birders in the area and likes to see it, and also mentioned a 20% crop loss this year due to rodents, so he too has another reason to celebrate the return of hawks and falcons. He has been seeing the FEHA regularly on his land, which is east-side of Potter road, and a few tenths of a mile north from where 211 intersect with Potter.

After bumping into the FEHA and then Lars, I returned to the railroad crossing. After a few minutes I was startled by 2 shotgun blasts very nearby, and minutes later another landowner on ATV approached me. He came to apologize, since no sooner did he shoot 2 shotgun shells to create a protective sleeve to pound in fiberglass electric-fencing posts, another family member mentioned birders were in the area. He owns the RR-crossing land, and said he’s thrilled to see birders, and was proud his RR spot is birdy. He knew about the whiteish hawk, but not that it was a FEHA, which he was anxious to now look up.

The only bummer was cold and foggy.

Shedd, OR

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I rather imagine the FEHA seen nearby on Church(?) Rd is a different bird. When voles are this abundant raptors get indolent. Earlier l saw an adult male Cooper's Hawk land in the heavily grazed clover pasture west of Shedd. I found a driveway to get out of traffic. He made two brief runs then after waiting quite awhile he ran16 or 20m across the nearly bare ground and caught a vole.

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