Date: 10/29/20 12:37 pm
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Subject: [obol] Re: eBird Target List data
It goes without saying that this only works if you have a complete life list in ebird for the area you want a target list for.
Lots of ways to enter life lists into ebird. They have a full tutorial on that subject


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Subject: [obol] eBird Target List data


Many people have been using the Target feature for years. It is real simple to find. Here’s how you do it.

1. Open Ebird
2. At the main menu on the menu headings at the top go to “Explore” (It is the second one)
3. On the left side you will see a box that says “Explore Species.” Below that you will see “Species Maps” and below that “Search Photos and Sounds.” Below that underneath a heading that says “SPECIES YOU NEED” in blue it says “Target Species.” Click on that.
4. Once there you can enter a region, (ABA Area, United States, Oregon, Polk County, etc.), whether you want it year round, the current month or “Custom” if you want to say October through December.
Unfortunately it doesn’t let you combine counties for a Western Oregon or Eastern Oregon list.

I hope this helps.


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