Date: 10/27/20 7:07 pm
From: Pam Otley <pamo1954...>
Subject: [obol] Ferruginous Hawk - Linn County
Hi all,

I visited Linn County today. The very surprising highlight was finding a
Ferruginous Hawk in a field on the east side of Potter Rd, just north of Rd
211. I think a light juvenile, it stood out as noticeably larger than a
nearby Northern Harrier and also that it was very white in the front. Some
dark spots on sides of belly but no "belly band", as in Red-tailed Hawks.
Legs feathered to the feet. It was standing in the field and seemed to be
watching for prey (insects, rodents?) on the ground.

Before reaching Potter Rd, I drove on American Drive, Creek Drive, Smith
Rd. There were an amazing number of various birds of prey in the dirt
fields. Red-tails, N Harrier, Rough-legged, Bald Eagles, Common Ravens,
American Kestrels. There must be abundant prey, insects or rodents, right
now in the fields to attract so many birds.

Photos of Ferruginous Hawk here:

Happy fall birding!

Pam Otley

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