Date: 10/26/20 3:41 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Re: cbc
As for the Coos Bay CBC- I retired two years ago. Anyone wanting to try
and continue that count is welcome to all my old maps, database,
spreadsheets, etc. I got tired of trying to cover two or three areas due
to low turnout. Also the count needs someone able to make new maps,
perhaps eBird the count, round up some interested birders, etc. all stuff I
am very weak on. That said, Harv Schubothe has had twice the number of
birders I was getting and seems to have no problem filling areas on the
Coquille Valley count (which includes Bandon). Perhaps one CBC is better in
Coos for this reason. With covid hanging over things birder turnout could
be an issue or maybe not. If enough counts cancel, birders should have
fewer options and perhaps there will be better coverage (yes it can be done
safely I think)?

As for the birding on the ground, I think that is pretty easy. If folks
"follow the covid" rules, that's the least of the problems for a compiler
(or for the birders!). Might have to make tough decisions like splitting
up good birders who have scopes so there are enough scopes to go around (a
problem down here perhaps). Where do you put the newby birders, the ones
who can't really identify all the birds and would like to be with a
more experienced birder? Figuring out how to do the after-the-count
countdown is another tough one. I keep hearing ZOOM but who is going to
run home (or to the motel) after the count to do a Zoom presentation (or be
available next Wednesday night at 7)? If everyone doesn't attend or all
the count information takes a few days to round up, count results may take
a while to be final (sounds like an upcoming election)? Also last minute
cancellations could make things real interesting- who knows where we'll be
in mid- to late December?

That all said, and with NAS blessing, I am sure there will be many counts
or enough to keep most birders busy. I am on the fence for compiling the
Port Orford count for some of the reasons listed above. It is totally
dependent on out of town birders and if people are hesitant to travel it
could be that a handful of people having to cover the entire circle.

And shoot- my favorite part of the count is the countdown dinner and
visiting with everyone afterwards- we have had some wonderfully memorable
times over the years down south here for sure.

Guess we'll see how it plays out,
Happy birding all!
Tim Rodenkirk
Coos Bay

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> What’s happening with CBCs? I have heard that Florence and Hart Mtn are
> taking the year off. Any others definitely off?
> Alan Contreras
> Eugene, Oregon
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