Date: 10/25/20 12:10 pm
From: Jack E. Solomon <00000003433c95af-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Frick Today & Duck Hollow, Allegheny County
At Frick Park,  Golden-crowned KingletRuby-crowned Kinglet
At Duck HollowRuddy Duck 4, upstreamPied-billed Grebe
Jack SolomonwithSusie SolomonAllegheny County

 It's been a gratifying pleasure this spring and fall to run into so many capable birders that I *don't know* at Frick. Back in the seventies when I started birding, I was at Frick often, but rarely saw another birder, and I knew most of the few I saw. If you've had a similar experience anywhere this year, let me know. (Private messages might be best, since this may be a bit off topic. Use your own judgment.) 
I may write something up if I get any responses, and submit a little note to the great and most illustrious Hess for 3RBC's newsletter. And if responses come from across enough of the mighty commonwealth itself, I may see if the wise and powerful Margaret Higbee would include it in the PSO Pileated.

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