Date: 10/17/20 2:03 pm
From: Thomas Slater via <tomslaterphotography...>
Subject: [slocobirding] Oceano morning
I took a spin around the outskirts of 0ceano campground, avoiding people and stuck to the edges. I deviated to find and photograph the Common Gallinule, which I was able to do.
My blessing/curse this year has been to see Hermit/Black-throated Gray warblers on pretty much every trip to Oso and Oceano, with nothing else on the rare side. No matter how hard I tried. Nothing really stood out except for the beauty of the campground's extremities, one brilliantly colored male Townsend's warbler, and the Scaly Breasted Munias. 
Still, 41 birds in 2 hours and a beautiful sunny day (with neither smoke, extreme heat, nor fog)... I'll take it.
Full list and pics here

Bird on,
Tom Slater

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