Date: 10/17/20 11:41 am
From: John M. <akjohnm...>
Subject: Re: [AKBirding] ROSS' GULL Kenai Flats 10/16
Ross's Gull just photographed again this morning at a lower tide drifting
alone past dock next to boat ramp. Thanks for the heads up Toby and Laura!


On Fri, Oct 16, 2020, 18:34 Toby Burke <kenaibirder...> wrote:

> At 4:30 PM near the height of a 24.93' high tide we observed an adult
> ROSS' GULL on the Kenai Flats from the Port of Kenai (Boat Launch Road)
> viewable from the Tarbox Wildlife Viewing Platform and City Dock area. The
> bird was partial to roosting on floating logs and feeding adrift along the
> shoreline and backwaters with a few Mew Gulls nearby. At 5:15 PM a Mew Gull
> chased the bird away but it landed up river on a log 1/3 of a mile away and
> was drifting back down river toward where we originally found it. Photos
> will be posted on eBird tonight.
> The bird had a distinctive very short, stubby black bill; red legs and
> feet; pointed, diamond- shaped white tail; the remnants of a dark collar;
> very rounded head; pink sheen to the white breast noticeable even in poor
> light; dark shadowing around the black eye; and the mantle of the bird was
> a very light gray. Nearby Mew Gulls were substantially larger. The bird
> stands out being it is so small and lightly colored.
> The Kenai Flats will experience the highest tides of the year the next two
> days (Saturday and Sunday). Most of the upland portions of the Flats will
> be inundated as the early morning tide (in the dark) and evening tides
> approach 26'.
> There is a previous record of Ross's Gull on the Kenai Peninsula, an
> unconfirmed sight record of a bird viewed from the Homer Spit on June 10,
> 1988 by George C. West.
> Toby and Laura Burke
> Kenai, AK

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